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 "Comedy is tragedy, plus time and a godly perspective."

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Hearts on Fire

What does it mean to have a heart on fire for the Lord in a world full of struggles, temptations and distractions? This presentation centers on how to develop an all-consuming passion for God until it is the driving force of your life. For retreats, Friday night always starts out light, with plenty of laughter. Sunday finishes with a call to see your life as a divine story that God wants to tell.


Make Mine Sunny Side Up (Choosing joy in every moment-- Philippians 4:8) 

Romans 12:2 tells us that the key to being transformed is to "renew" our minds. It begins with a choice to change our mindset, reframe our experiences. In this presentation (1 hour or a weekend retreat) Jan explores our potential for joy, how to trade in our our distotred glasses for God-colored glasses and see the world through the lens of God's truth, not the faulty wisdom of the world. In this presentation, we learn how to develop spiritual eyes, eyes that focus on the joy of every moment. And when you start praying the promises, instead of the problems, your heart begins to rejoice in expectation of what is to come. Jan urges women to be "gladfinders," to look for and find what there is to be glad about in life. 

The Real You, the Best You 

Jan draws from the story of Queen Esther, and her book, Woman Behind the Mask. This weekend it's all about getting real, with ourselves, each other and God. Society is a masked ball where we're invited to come as our ideal of the perfect woman, wife, mother, ministry leader. We hide our hurts, doubts and blemishes for fear of being rejected for who we really are. We spent do much emotional energy trying to please everybody, and we'll lose ourself in the process. So let's spend weekend shedding the masks of perfection, learning to walk in authenticity and truth. Discover who you were meant to be. Always remember, the real you is the most beautiful you. (Theme decor can be masks, Mardi Gras beads, boas, or go for the SPA theme, the Queen's Banquet, etc. Esther had a whole year, but we've got the whole weekend!)


The God Who Sees  

The weekend's inspiration is one of the names of God, "El-roi," the "God who sees." During the weekend Jan goes into character as Hagar who was scorned by her mistress Sarah, and runs away into the wilderness where an angel of God calls her by name. When she experienced the living God, it gave her courage to do the impossible, return and submit to a women she couldn't stand, to become part of God's divine plan. We can all relate to Hagar, thrust into a life she didn't choose, victim of circumstances beyond her control. This weekend we'll be reminded that there is no place God cannot see, no situation he cannot discern. Hagar is an unlikely Bible heroine. Her story teaches us that God knows us intimately and longs to be known by us. In her story lies the beauty of God. He meets us even when we flee from our troubles, and he says, "Return to me, and I will bless you." His love truly transforms.  


Willing Heart-Unshakable Faith 

It's not easy staying faithful to God in a culture that promotes just the opposite. Yet, it's impossible to be derailed by the devil if you are truly devoted to God. This weekend we'll focus on what it means to yield your heart to God, to lose your idea of what is right and exchange it for God's. Yes, it might be costly, but as Paul says, "I consider it all loss compated to the glorious riches of knowing Christ Jesus." We are all tempted to let our circumstances control us, all the storms of life to turn us from God. But a willing heart gives him a chance to make beauty from ashes.


Christmas Message: There's Something About "Merry."


"Have yourself a merry little Christmas," is a ballad written for an old classic film about a family in the midst of major life change. But when Judy Garland saw the original lyrics, she refused to sing them. "This is too depressing. I want to sing a song about hope." So the director ordered the song re-written, and it's now one of the top ten holiday ballads of all time. What a difference a few positive words make. Jan's message centers on what it means to have a merry heart, a glad heart, a heart filled with hope. This delighful presentation is filled with humor as Jan highlights three classic Christmas stories with inspiring messages about redemption. Great for an outreach event.



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