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"Fun is good.." Dr. Seuss 





In high school she was nominated for “class clown,” campaigned like crazy but lost by two votes. Nobody ever told her to stop campaigning. She still loves to be zany.

Approached by her high school counselor to be part of a pilot program, she agreed to three years of Russian. She can say hello, goodbye, I love you and sing the the Volga Boatman.

She was once known as the "Pig lady of Greenwood," because she raised the best weaner pigs on the Georgetown Divide in El Dorado County, CA 

She and her friend Jeanne are forever trying to retire as the Pointless Sisters. Here they are at a friend's wedding reception where they were asked to be the entertainment. (It was a budget wedding) They came as the "jilted bridesmaids" and poked fun through song at the newlyweds. After nine years the groom has finally forgiven them.





Carl and Jan imagining themselves as Vikings at at the Viking Ship Museum in Denmark, August 2009, where Jan went searching for her Danish (Hansen) roots.







St. Petersburg, Russia, Church of the Spilled Blood, the "worst tourist trap in Petersburg," said Nicolai our walking tour guide. Good thing we ignored him. The church was spectacular, all mosaic tile, scenes from the Bible beautifully crafted. Truly a highlight from our trip. The church


was erected on a site where one of the Czars was brutally murdered for helping the serfs. 

Traveling independently to Russia was a challenge where nothing is in English, but we managed to take the metro, the bus and order food....Jan loved speaking what little Russian she could remember from high school. 

Read all about it in Jan's travel column. She writes this column once a month for Living in the West Magazine.